Junior Muzzle Loading

When: 8:00 AM on July 9th, other matches TBD

Where: Meeting Hall / 150yd Range

Contact: Ren Everett

Email: everettju1@cox.net   (preferred)

Phone: 760-432-2089

Cost: FREE, no cost to shooter.  Open to the public.  Donations will be accepted.

Age:  6 - 20

Registration starts on the 1st day of the month of the shoot, email first and last name.

Check-in begins at 8:00 A.M. on day of shoot in the Meeting Hall.

The Junior Muzzle Loading program is designed to teach our junior shooters how to properly and safely handle a Muzzle Loading rifle.  Shooters need not bring anything, except themselves and a parent or legal guardian. Minors can attend with a non-parent or legal guardian with a valid signed and dated parent permission slip [Click Here].

Escondido Fish and Game Association will provide everything else!

  • All equipment required for the Muzzle Loading rifle match (including rifles, ammunition, eye and ear protection etc.) is supplied by EF&GA
  • A coach for each shooter on the line.

Shooters are allowed to use their own Muzzle Loading rifles and equipment if they so desire.

The course of fire consists of 7 rounds fired. The best 5 shots will be scored for record at a distance of 25 yards.  All firing will be conducted from the bench rest position.

Safety Class

We offer a safety/familiarization class for our new and beginning shooters.  All new shooters to the Jr. Muzzle Loading rifle program must go through the class (once) before being allowed to shoot.