Junior Marksmanship

AB 2571 Notice

The State Assembly passed AB 2571 and put it on the Governor’s desk for signature on June 30th, 2022. Because it includes an Emergency Clause, it went into effect July 1st, 2022. This bill makes it illegal to advertise any firearms, parts, ammunition, or apparel from any firearms industry member directed to minors in the State of California. Penalties for each violation are fines up to $25000 per violation. As it is written, EF&GA would likely be considered a firearms industry member. As a result, we have removed all advertising of any Junior Marksmanship events pending further advice from our attorney and any changes to the implementation and enforcement of the law.
First of all, Escondido Fish & Game Association is NOT a political organization and is NOT affiliated with any political party or politician. Individual members are free to have their individual opinions, but the Association has no official political positions. With that in mind, it is obvious that AB 2571 conflicts with our stated mission:

The objectives of Escondido Fish & Game Association are to promote conservation of our fish and game, to cooperate with the responsible fish & game government agencies, to promote fellowship among sportsmen and landowners, to promote the shooting sports, to serve the community by providing training such as hunter education and firearm safety, and to assist youth organizations in their firearms training.

Our Junior Marksmanship Program has grown over the years and we are hoping to continue with that tradition. While we cannot advertise the events, you are certainly able to directly contact the shoot chair of any event for current information about their respective events. Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available.

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Safety Note

All matches are held at an established, recognized, and licensed range under the close supervision of adults, experienced competitive shooters, and Certified Range Safety Officers. There is a Range Safety Officer on the firing line during all shooting. Each shooter will have a coach beside them for safety purposes and to give instruction in marksmanship.

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