When: 8:00 AM Tuesdays / 5:00 PM Wednesdays / 4:00 PM Saturdays
Where: Trap Range / 100yd Range
Contact: Chris Cote
Phone: 847-224-6898

Trap FeesSingle Round10 Punch Card20 Punch Card

Experience the pleasure of joining friends, competitors and other like-minded persons in turning clay targets to dust with shotguns.  Enjoy the cathartic happiness of breaking flying clay targets.  Shotguns of any caliber or style (pump, semi-auto, or break-barrel) can be used to shoot five shots each from five lateral positions at horizontally oscillating clay targets (one round = 25 shells). Trap houses 1 & 2 are used Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings, Trap house 1 on Saturday afternoons and evenings.


Hearing and eye protection is required!  Posted EFGA Trap Safety and Etiquette Rules are enforced.


Purchase of an EF&GA “Trap Card” for 10 or 20 rounds can reduce these per round costs.