Trap Doubles

When: During regular Trap events upon request*.
Where: Trap Range / 100yd Range
Contact: Chris Cote
Phone: 847-224-6898

Trap FeesSingle Round10 Punch Card20 Punch Card

Trap Doubles is similar to traditional Trap with one major difference - TWO targets come out of the trap house each time that you call "PULL". Because you need to plan for the second clay, you need to be quick and accurate. Rather than shooting 5 times at each position (like traditional trap), you alternate between 3 and 2 times per station. One round is 26 targets so bring a few extra shells.

Hearing and eye protection are required!  Posted EFGA Trap Safety and Etiquette Rules are enforced.

Purchase of an EF&GA “Trap Card” for 10 or 20 rounds can reduce these per round costs.

* When the setup for Trap Doubles is requested, it is at the discretion of the TrapMaster who is running the event.