Traditional Archery

When: 11:00 am on the 1st Sunday of the month
Where: Archery Range
Contact: Dave Premetz
Phone: 760-489-1082
Cost: Members - $15 / Non-Members - $20

Archers of the Lake members receive a discount of $5


This competition is designed to encourage the continuance of traditional archery. Our events foster marksmanship and offer the traditional archer a competitive outlet. This is a “spirit of the game” competition and not intended for someone looking for a rule’s loophole in order to gain an edge.


General Rules

  1. All bows must meet traditional standards for design and materials of construction
  2. Arrows must have natural fletching – no plastic vanes in any class
  3. All bows must be “bare” – no sighting device of any kind will be allowed for this competition, including markings or tape on the riser section of the bow
  4. Arrows must have either field or target points
  5. A minimum of 6 arrows will be required for competition, more are suggested to cover possible breakage
  6. No artificial release mechanism is allowed, finger release only, a tab or glove is allowed
  7. Plastic nocks are allowed in all of our classes

The Classes

Recurve Class – The bow must adhere to the standard recurve design and must be constructed primarily of wood. Arrows may be of any material (ie. carbon, aluminum, or wood) and the bow may utilize a raised, fixed, arrow rest, but a plunger is not allowed. Stabilizers and/or levels are prohibited for this competition.

Longbow Class – The bow must adhere to the standard longbow design, and deflex/reflex is allowed. Wood must be the primary material used in the construction, an arrow rest (shelf) may be incorporated but it must be positive of center on the bow’s riser. Arrows must be made of wood, and must be shot from the shelf, no elevated rest is allowed in this class. A pad, to protect the arrows, may be added to the shelf.

Primitive Class - The bow may be of any design used by Native American tribes during the 18th or 19th centuries. It must be constructed entirely of natural materials. Laminations are allowed as long as they are of natural material and only natural adhesives bind them to the bow. An arrow shelf may be added to the handle section of the bow, but may not be cut into the bow itself. Arrows must be made of wood.

Asian Horse Bow Class – Bows for this class must adhere to the standard design of the historical Mongolian horse bow. This bow may not have an arrow rest – the arrow should rest on the shooter’s hand. The shooter may wear a glove to protect the hand from fletching cuts. Arrows must be made of wood.


Courses of Fire

This is an evolutionary aspect of our league, and changes may be made from year to year.

Plates Round – Using a common 9 inch paper plate with a 2 inch x ring to break ties, we shoot either a short course with distances of 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards, or a long course with distances of 15, 20, 25, and 30 yards. Each distance requires 12 shots, so the entire course of fire is 48 shots. A perfect score would be 48.

Hunter’s Round – This course of fire utilizes paper animal targets with scoring areas marked on each animal. Shooting distances are 15, 20, 25, and 15 yards with 12 shots per animal for a total of 48 shots. A perfect score would be 480 points.

Modified American Round – Always a fun competition, this course of fire requires 54 shots: 18 at 30 yards, 18 at 40, and 18 at 50 yards. The large 122 cm (48 inches) FITA target is used throughout and scoring is 9 – 1. A perfect score would be 486 points.

FITA II Round – This course of fire is used for regular seasonal events as well as our annual Championship Tournament. It requires 30 arrows shot at 25 yards on the FITA 60 cm target with scoring being 10 – 1. A perfect score would be 300.

360 Round – This course of fire features 36 arrows, shot with 6 arrows per end at distances of 20, 25, and 30 yards. The target is the FITA 80 cm. target scored 10 – 1. A perfect score would be 360 points.

SPAR Field Round – Inspired by the primitive archers belonging to the Society of Primitive American Riflemen, this is a roving course with 6 shooting stations. Distances vary from approximately 10 – 30 yards and targets also vary from 40cm to 122cm, scored 9-1. Each station requires 2 ends for a total of 72 arrows. A perfect score would be 648 points.

Match Elimination – Inspired by Olympic style competition, we modify our course of fire. The initial round determines seeding, with each archer shooting 12 arrows at a 122 cm target placed 35 yards distance, scoring 10 – 1. Then archers enter the elimination phase shooting 3 arrows per set against another opponent. Each set awards the winner 2 points, a tie gives each archer 1 point, with the first archer to reach 5 points moving to the next round. The lower scoring archer is eliminated from the competition. In the event of a tie, a single shot per archer will determine the winner, with the closest arrow to center awarded the win.


The Traditional Archery League

Our monthly events are linked together in a league format. Each class winner is awarded 10 points, 2nd place receives 7, 3rd receives 5, 4th receives 3, 5th receives 2 and all other entrants are awarded 1 point. Bonus points may be earned for finishing in the top 5 overall positions – with 1st place awarded 7, 2nd awarded 5, 3rd gets 3, 4th gets 2 and 5th gets 1 additional point. These points count toward the standings at the conclusion of the year and awards are given to the top finisher in each class.


Traditional Archery Tournament

Our final event of each year is our tournament. Year end points are doubled for this event, and separate awards are given to the tournament winners in each class. In addition, the high scoring archer in the tournament will receive a Tournament Medalists award.