Sheepdog Academy

When: Various Days, Events are announced via email to pre-registered members.
Where: Trap Pad 1
Contact: Ralph Walno
Phone: 760-715-0350
Cost: None
Open To: Members Only with Restrictions


Sheepdog Academy is designed for EF&GA members with a current California CCW permit and current CCW insurance to participate in small group discussions about actively carrying a concealed firearm in California and live fire training. Event will include holster draw, threat and hostage simulations.


Must be an EF&GA member in good standing with a current California CCW permit and current CCW insurance. Permits and insurance will be checked. Members will be asked if they plan to actively carry their firearm. Personal carry insurance is to show responsibility and a serious desire to carry responsibly. As a sanctioned event the current green sheet will be the liability release. No fees will be charged.


Only firearms listed on the CCW will be allowed, this will be checked. Proper concealment holster, and mag carriers if desired. Ammunition will be factory loads only. Eye protection will be everyday glasses or clear eye protection. Appropriate ear protection. Everyday concealment attire required. No fishing, trap vests etc.

Course of Fire:

This will not be a competition and there will be no timed course of fire. Timers may be used to measure holster draw time. Holster draw will be concealed inside or outside the waist band at the three o’clock position. At this time all other draws (ankle, rear {four o’clock}, appendix, etc.) will be done with training (inert) firearms only. Cardboard IDPA targets will be used at three to seven yards. Shooters will go through various drills as discussed by the group with the goal of assessing a situation, safely drawing from the holster, and bringing an end to the threat. All live fire drills will include an RSO.

Group Size & Ability:

Groups will be limited to eight to ten members at a time. Pre-registration will be required. Groups will be a mix of experienced carriers with those members new to the carry community and who want to ask questions, exchange ideas, and train to become a responsible carrier.
If you are interested, meet the requirements, or have questions, email me, Ralph Walno, at I will notify anyone who is pre-registered by email when an event will be held. The first eight to ten respondents will be invited to that event. I will rotate rosters to give as many as possible a chance to join in.