Black Powder Silhouette

When: 8:00 on the 4th Sunday of the month

Where: 150yd Range

Contact: Garth Warner


Phone: 760-420-7550

Cost: Pistol/Revolver-Members $1.00, Non-Members $2.00

Open/Primitive/BPCartridge Rifle- Members $5.00, Non-Members $10.00

This monthly program entails shooting at metallic silhouette targets at three different distances in three relays each. Pistol/Revolver always shoot at 25yd to 75yd.  Rifle-Open/Primitive/BPCartridge shoot at metallic silhouette targets at ranges from 50yd to 150yds. This varies by month. This competition is restricted to traditional Black Powder rifles and pistols, shooting patched round ball and/or soft lead projectiles. Sorry, but we do not compete with modern In-line muzzle loading pistols or rifles. Please contact the shoot chair for questions related to pistol or rifle classifications. As contests go, this is pretty slow and low key. New shooters are always welcome and we WILL take the time to help new pilgrims on the range.